I'm Tom. A Designer/Developer, UX Guru, and a Cloud Solutions Architect making the web a better place.



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User Experience Consultant

I conduct user experience exercises. Develop UX artifacts to drive experience design. Solutions should not only work, it should be thoughtful.

Website Design

Static information websites to dynamic transactional websites. Connect your website to existing apps like payment systems and data collection systems.

Branding & Logo

Logo and brand design is a collaborative effort. Once logo is finalized, logo output file will be delivered in various formats. Branding is making sure that consistent look & feel is established across your digital media and social accounts.

Content Strategy

Helping you understand your audience and broadening your reach. Delve deep into analytics to optimize search engine results.

microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 can transform your business and accomplish tasks that costs a fraction of traditional IT overhead. However, navigating the platform is not a trivial effort. Whether scratching the surface of M365 or deep diving into Microsoft’s many cloud technologies, PT Designs can help.

teams and SharePoint

Teams is Microsoft’s fast ever application and SharePoint is the backbone of Teams. Understanding when to use Teams vs when to use SharePoint can avoid the proliferation of provisioning sites. Build communities that support the community. 


PowerApps, PowerAutomate, PowerVirtualAssistant, PowerBI make up Microsoft’s PowerPlatform. Build custom applications that extend functionality and automate your business process – all running on the cloud.

Cloud Solution Architecture

I provide solutions and guidance on cloud technologies. In Microsoft 365, there will be applications that overlap function and reach. Navigating  those decisions and understanding implications of such decisions can be daunting. Let me help you gather and understand those requirements so that the burden of technology won’t impede your IT.

About Me

Hello! I’m Tom. I’ve Been Building Websites for 24 Years

I started building websites back when you would fire up Notepad and HTML your way to simple pages on Netscape. My journey took me from design to development to User Experience to a culmination of those disciplines. Today, I’m primarily a Solutions Architect, leveraging Cloud Technologies. In essence, I bring organizations up to speed on cloud and collaboration technologies and provide guidance on integrated workspaces.

  • Web Design & Development
  • User Experience
  • Cloud Solution Architecture
Tom Pham

“We couldn’t have navigated our move to the cloud without Tom’s expertise and steady guidance. He helped us understand the platform and provided recommendations for making sound decisions.”

Dawn Smith

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