About Our Team

Creative. Experienced. Dependable.

Tom Pham

Designer, User Experience Developer
Tom is a User Experience Designer, and is very active in the User Experience community. He has devoted countless hours to being entrenched in projects and engaged with local organizations. He learns and shares industry best practices, while applying them into his own work. To advocate the value of usability, he works closely with stakeholders. His belief is that great design is intentional.

  • Design & UX 90% 90%
  • Web Programming 85% 85%
  • SEO 65% 65%
  • Graphics 70% 70%

Karim Kameka

Senior Application Developer
Karim is an award winning Software Architect with 25+ years of professional experience in Computer Science with a strong background in web technologies. He is also a specialist with 13+ years of experience building SharePoint solutions.  Most recently he has become a specialist in building cross-platform mobile applications with a cloud based-back end.

  • SharePoint Technologies 90% 90%
  • Web Programming 95% 95%
  • Cloud Technologies 65% 65%
  • Mobile 75% 75%

Sonia Dwyer

Information Architect
Sonia Dwyer is an Information Management professional and HFI Certified Usability Analyst with more than 10 years’ combined  international experience in NGOs and private sector corporations. In her various professional roles, she has worked with teams that face the challenge of merging traditional information science principles with modern IM practices and the latest trends of social computing.

  • Information Design 95% 95%
  • UX Technologies 80% 80%
  • Content Management 85% 85%

Lauren Stewart

Content Manager
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  • Customer Happiness 80% 80%
  • Tech Support 30% 30%
  • Community Management 50% 50%

Timely Support

We understand schedules and deadlines.  Before each project, we will work with you to analyze time and resources as our way of vetting the project plan.

Innovative Ideas

Our team comes from different walks of life with unique personalities.  We will introduce new ideas and different ways of looking at and solving problems.

Advanced Technology

We love technology but we will not use technology just for technology sake. We will continue to push the envelop with new ideas and cutting edge technology.

Clear Communication

You can expect nothing less than clear communication. Nothing will fall through the cracks. We will employ every method possible to communicate.

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