My presentation at the CAPArea Meetup.  I posted it on SlideShare.

  • Usability and User Experience.
  • The User Centered Design Process (UCDP), taking designs from Abstract to Concrete.
  • Identifying Measures of Success.
  • Putting together a UX Team.
  • Microsoft’s Web Content Management System – SharePoint Publishing Portals.
  • Publishing Site Components – Master Page, Page Layouts, CSS, JS, XSLTs, Web Parts.
  • Leveraging CSS Frameworks for responsive web like Bootstrap.

[slideshare id=51701953&doc=vnvrnvxrrio7wdogtcaj-signature-9bc1f0ae02848d81ac697b9b83361e990380b2b90033721a0869f7606f4fa11f-poli-150817020817-lva1-app6891]