Let’s face it.  Lorem Ipsum is so 1995.  Every web designer out there has encountered, during a presentation of a concept website design, whereby the audience member/client starts reading the text placeholder and says, “I don’t understand what this is”.

For years I’ve gone to http://www.lipsum.com/ to generate Lorem Ipsum for my mock sites and design comps.  Those days are finally behind us.  Here are some gems that I’ve found:

  1. Corporate Speak (aka gibberish) as an alternative to Lorem Ipsum:  Gibberish
  2. How about this one for generating taglines in your logos:  Web BS
  3. If you are ready for truly extraordinary BS:  Corpspeak
    This one I really like because it can generate an entire page of BS.  Do you hear that?  That is the sound of serveral hundred marketing departments shutting down.