My Saturday began at 8am with me browsing through Word Press themes.  Yes.  After putting together, I couldn’t have a client site be leaps and bounds better than my own site.  So, in no rush at all, I started looking for themes that would at least make use of the Featured Content Gallery plug-in.  I searched for themes that had options.  I came across [theme-link] by [theme-author]

Before leaving at 10am, I had already switched themes and started customizing.  When I got back at 4, I started to work on my site a bit further to see how far I could stretch this theme.  By 6pm, I was pretty happy with what I had accomplished with this theme.  From 9pm to right about now (quarter til midnight), I’ve just been adding bells and whistles.  I wanted to make sure that all the content I had in my previous theme carried over to this one.  I’m pretty happy with this site now.  I don’t think I’ll be switching themes and doing anymore refreshing.

Now begins the hard part of coming up with content and writing it.  Right now, they are ideas in my head.  In another week, those ideas will formulate into words that are floating in my head.  At that point, I’ll have to strap down and put it all on paper (in this case, blog).

Have I mentioned that I love Word Press?  The idea of grabbing snippets of code via widgets and orchestrating them in a chorus of ideas and visuals is just astonishing. 

In less than a month, I refreshed PT Designs using theme1020 off of Template Monster.  I migrated to Dreamhost once I became a believer and refreshed T-Phizzle.  I re-branded Tassa Corp.  I dabbled with Finesse Tax before I refreshed and migrated Guarantee Profits.  And!  I just refreshed PT Designs for 3rd time.  My next project is to migrate all the content from Profitable RE into Word Press.  It is a lot of content and forms – lots of forms.

Once that is done, I can finally get back to UX development and SharePoint consulting – and actually having meaningful posts on these topics.  I promise.  Consider these last few weeks to be me picking out all of the options a new car.  Moving forward, I will actually use this car to take me from point A to point B.