Yes.  Two weeks ago, I made an announcement that instead of redesigning my website, I gave WordPress a try.  Not only did give it a try, I loved it, had a child out of wedlock, married it and will have a few more off-springs.

The current hosting company I was with didn’t support WordPress so well and I was tired of the ‘old’ way of doing things.  So I moved.  I backed-up all my files, updated registar info and I moved to DreamHost. 

What can I say other than it is running beautifully.  I can’t wait to finalize all prototypes and develop a content strategy for the sites I have planned.

With out blogging like a recluse, I can say that I love the plug-ins.  It is reminiscent of the iPhone App Store where you peruse for apps to pimp your phone.  Some of them are really great and I hope to develop a few plug-ins of my own.  Maybe, I’ll start off light and develop a theme – let the people out there get a taste and then charge.  Sometimes, the web game reminds of the crack game.  No, it doesn’t.

Ok folks.  This entry was my “hello world” post.  Much more with substance to come.