Woohoo! I just sent the final invoice over to Tassa Corporation. I completed this project (branding, website redesign) in record time – roughly 18 hours. I have WordPress to thank. Sure, I could have designed it from Photoshop and blank HTML pages. Yes, it would have looked fantastic but doing so would have drained the budget in just Photoshop time alone. Instead, tweaking the purchased theme (CSS and Images) only took 3 hours.

What did I do with the extra time? I used it to create Letterheads, Tassa Themed PowerPoint presentation templates. Configured WordPress plug-ins. Testing. Cross-pollinating with Social Networks. My greatest accomplishment of this project would have to be the nearly 5 hours I spent on a transition document. What has become of me? It’s like I’m aiming for middle-management. 🙂

But seriously, this document includes content strategies, guidelines on style and content, decisions on creating pages versus creating a post and diagrammed processes on content types and creation of such.

I’m going to create a case study on this project and post.